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Google Chrome Automatic Register – is becoming a Privacy Nightmare

Google does NOT care about safety or privacy. Only Google PR team uses these jargons. Try visiting this page on Economic Times. After the page is loaded, with 3 seconds you will be automatically registered onto their site using the Google Email address with which you previously signed into Google.

The minimum which Google should do is to ask a yes/no each time a site does this using Google’s own APIs. Google asks permission for low relevant things like ‘Should we help you manage your screen time etc?’ but does not allow us to STOP websites from tagging its visitors.

This was not there in 2022. After all the talks of Privacy, this is what sneaky Google ends up with their product design.

We had disabled all sorts of Google password related features like Password Save etc. Despite this, this happens (only because we had logged into GMail)

There is no option to say yes or no.

Will Google allow me to track their employee’s names and salaries every time I use a Google Product?



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