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Installing Windows 7 on Hyper V in 2023

Can I install Windows 7 in a Hyper V of Windows 11?

Yes. You are allowed to install the guest OS Windows 7 in Windows 11

Can I use Gen 2 because Hyper V because it has better performance?

No. It is not possible. We tried and failed. The DVD boots but after reaching ‘Starting Windows’, it will simply stop processing any further. We agree gen 2 would have been a better choice.

Can I enable Secure Boot to help thwart viruses and hacking attempts?

No. Microsoft does not allow it for Windows 7. We tried it. When we enabled it, the system will not even boot into the OS install disk.

Is there are valid reasons to install Windows 7 in 2023?

Yes. Windows 7 is super fast compared to Windows 11. It has a lot less baggage and performance-wise (speed) is better than Windows 10 and Windows 11.



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